Our collections of carefully edited Fine Jewelry are timeless style statements. Dotted with diamonds, hand engraved, and intricately faceted, each piece is a unique treasure to collect & layer. 

Mercantile’s Fine Jewelry portfolio spans a unique collective of artists. We celebrate the creative inspiration of Kismet, Sarah Weinstock, Loren Stewart, and Maya J.

Loren Stewart

Loren Stewart

STACKED   Meet Loren Stewart.  A contrast of LA edgy and ethereal, streamlined into a modern and minimal approach.  We love the energy Loren Stewart pieces generate as stacked treasures or simply on their own.  Wear the diamond disc earrings and necklaces with a sheer tunic & chignon, or one bold ring with a chambray shirt.  

Kismet by Milka

STATEMENT    Fate, fortune, luck and courage: we believe in Kismet by Milka.  Each piece is a modern, exotic and precious talisman.  Pave pendants float at your neckline, contoured wrap rings sparkle with a shield of diamonds – feminine and strong.  Wear them everyday… and find your Kismet.

Maya J

DELICATE      Maya J captures the essence of New York City in its extensive fine jewelry collection. From classic pave discs to spiritual pieces, this line is as diverse as the city that inspires it.  Collected over time, each piece marks a celebration... worn together they tell a life story.

Sara Weinstock

DIVINE   Striking to the sublime; Sara Weinstock fine jewelry defines a unique style of luxury. Known for her intricate work with precious gemstones and organic alloys, each piece is hand-made and one of a kind.  Wear the Starburst pendant with a crisp white shirt or simple tee - each piece transcends your wardrobe.