It may not be spring yet, but it's sure starting to look like it.  With all this sunshine and blue sky it's time to start thinking about what we're going to wear as the weather continues to get warmer.  We've selected our five favorite trends for Spring, all of which can be mixed in with your winter wardrobe and worn now.


This may seem like an obvious choice, but this year designers have taken floral prints to a whole new level by using classic prints and messing with the proportions, colors and fabrications. Layer these pieces with a cozy cashmere cardigan to make them cold weather appropriate and once warmer temps arrive leave your arms bare!


Suede survives best in mild, dry weather - so it's no surprise that it was all over the Spring runways.  We love the soft and relaxed feel of suede and how it adds a casual elegance to any outfit.

White Denim

We're crazy about white denim at Mercantile and we've mentioned it before on the blog - but we're not talking about your basic white jeans here.  These pieces are patch worked, distressed and in completely new and unexpected silhouettes, adding some major interest.  Unlike fashion rules of yore, white denim can be worn all year long.


What was once a fabric brides and babies continues to be refreshed and made relevant again.  Whether it's crochet, eyelet, laser cut or intiricately woven, we can't get enough.  We love to mix the delicate fabric with denim or leather to toughen it up. 


This classic print can be taken in so many directions, from super casual to elegant and sophisticated.  And it's not the gingham of your childhood either - it's been blown up, refined and reimagined.

Don't let the February blues get you down - warmer weather is starting to make an appearance and Spring is right around the corner. With some new additions to your wardrobe the end of Winter won't feel so far away.