What is it about French girls?  Their pouts, their hair, their raspy voice, their casual, easy, cool yet totally chic style?  If you ask us, it's the style.  Yes, some of it has to be innate, but maybe some - or most of it - is the clothes. 

Iro is a collection that will tap into your inner French girl.

Founded in 2005 by Laurent and Arik Bitton, while Laurent was living and working in New York as a Musician and Arik was living in Paris, Iro quickly become the go to brands for models, musicians and that elusive, cool, urban girl.  

Their ultimate goal was to unite the energies of New York City and Paris and create a line of clothing for the effortlessly stylish, creative and dynamic women that live in those cities.  

The collection is a mix of new york rock n' roll (from Laurent's time as a musician) lady-like French tailoring (their family ran the fashion line Somebody for 20 years) and that French girl, je ne sais quoi.  The collection features a contemporary take on the French Fashion Icon, the tweed jacket, in unexpected colors and patters with zippers and and western pearl snaps instead of buttons, as well as distressed t-shirts in luxe linen, jeans in streamlined silhouettes and tailored jumpsuits in lightweight wool.

Featured in the pages of Jalouse, Vogue Germany, MUSE, Vogue Russia, Vogue Korea and worn by bloggers including Chiara Ferragni, Iro is a collection of updated classics that are easy to wear and totally cool.