Unless you're a doctor wearing scrubs or a judge wearing a robe, it's unlikely that you wear the same thing to work every day.  That's probably why we - and the entire internet - went wild over Matilda Kahl's essay in Harper's BazaarWhy I Wear the Exact Same Thing to Work Everyday.

The insightful essay details her (former) daily conundrum of what to wear as an Art Director at a prestigious creative add agency in New York City.  Unlike her male counterparts who garnered respect whether dressed in suits (the original corporate work uniform) or creative-guy casual, she struggled each morning to find an outfit that was both professional and stylish.

After an especially stressful morning, she came up with the Work Uniform.  She purchased 15 blouses and a few pairs of black pants and finished the look off with a black leather rosette worn around her neck.  And that was that.  She may or may not add a black blazer or leather jacket to the mix, but otherwise that's what she wears to work. Every. Single. Day.

Matilda in her work uniform, rosette and all.

We couldn't help but be impressed by Matilda and her commitment to said uniform.  While we might not have the fortitude to wear the exact outfit to work every day, it's clever and time efficient to curate a select group of garments that fit your work wear style.

So, what's your work wear style?  Are you the slacks and shirt girl like Matilda? The dress woman? We've pulled together a few looks to inspire you.

Clockwise from top left: Theory Matri P Shirt, Testra Ankle Trousers and belt,
Peserico Shift Dress with Leather, Theory Seblyn D top and Holeen G skirt,
Theory Yarine Shirt and Thaniel Pants, Theory Slyra Dress, 
Vince Scuba Leather Jacket and Windowpane Silk Blouse and Theory Modern Pant.