If you've walked by the store lately and peeked in the front window, you've probably noticed the newest collection that we're all going wild about.

G. Kero

Marguerite Bartherotte - an artist and musician - initially created custom, hand painted t-shirts for friends while she was a student studying animation and drawing.  The brand, G. Kero, developed naturally from those one-of-a-kind, raw edged t-shirts to a curated and colorful collection that includes shirts, dresses, shorts, jackets and skirts.

Inspired by music, her hometown Cap Ferret, wild animals and a general Joie de Vivre, Marguerite creates each print with the garment in mind.  Although they could be considered "statement" pieces, the styles are easy to wear and integrate into your spring wardrobe.  Denim, of all washes and colors, is a natural partner to vibrant pattern, whether you throw a jean jacket over a dress or tuck a button down shirt into your favorite high waist jeans.

The artistically rendered illustrations transform every day, cotton garments into wearable art, and what do you know?  We were just looking to expand our collection.