We may live in the land of athleisure, but that doens't mean sporty can't be chic.  With the stormy weather we've been experiencing, it's hard not to reach for what's the most cozy and comfortable against the wind and rain.  The puffer - once a staple of skiers and athletes - has been elevated to new levels of chic by nearly every one of our favorite designers.  Made with ethically harvested down, while featuring subtle, sophisticated colors and silhouettes, this piece is a now brainer when it comes to outerwear.

Herno 3/4 quilted jacket, J Brand leather jean with ankle zip, Rag & Bone "Natasha" cashmere sweater, Grisal scarf, Rene Escobar 18k gold and sterling silver bangles with diamonds, Jack Gomme "Anna" shoulder bag.

Pair your puffer with slim layers to avoid the marshmallow look.  A cashmere turtleneck and stretchy leather jeans accented with luxe accessories will keep you warm and stylish, no matter the weather report.