We made it to January. Phew! 2016 has certainly been a whirlwind, which makes the fresh start of a new year even more inviting. 

As we do every year, January is time for our annual closet overhaul.  We're far enough into the winter season to know what we'll be wearing till the weather warms up, and have enough distance from Spring and Summer to know what we don't want or need anymore. 

There are easy rules to follow when deciding what to toss and what to keep that will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed or making any decisions you might regret (we're thinking of those special pieces we impulsively sold). 

Quite simply, if you love it, don't toss it. Even if you haven't worn an item in years, place it in storage for safe keeping and move onto the next piece.  As for what to toss?  If you don't love it plus it doesn't fit or you haven't worn it in over a year or it's damaged beyond repair or outdated then you can do one of three things.  Repair/alter, sell or donate. 

From L to R: Vince cotton sweater, Rag & Bone "Dre" jean, ATM stripe tee, Mother "Looker Crop" jean & Veronica Beard "Schoolboy" jacket.

We like to fill in a few key pieces after our detox, wardrobe essentials that we will wear and love: denim, a stripe tee, a year-round sweater and a timeless blazer.