As you walk along the festive, lighted streets of Alder in December you might notice a shimmer through the windowpanes. Look closer and you’ll see painted clothespins, wooden spoons, or your rubber kitchen gloves taking the shape of reindeer, snowflakes, or a red Dachshund.

Mercantile Portland is honored to feature Julia Armstrong Peltz’s Christmas mosaic collection in our store for the second year.  


Julia is a Midwest native, Portlander for 30 years, an oil painter and teacher by trade, and specializes in modern portraiture and still life.


“The mosaics took on a life of their own as I was designing the pieces for Mercantile. I wanted the holiday shapes to be a bit more interesting than just painted images, so I started adding texture and the more I added, the more fun I started having!”

MercantileBook14arework[1] 2.jpg

Julia’s process: “Usually, I have an image in mind and paint that first on the canvas, though sometimes an object I find will get the creative juices flowing.  Then I start looking at my collected items, placing them on the shape, playing with patterns and shape..." 


"I find this is a wonderful way of combining my love for antique shopping with art and using re-purposed objects is especially satisfying and fun!  I love making something beautiful out of the ordinary or discarded.”

Stop in during this final week before Christmas for complimentary gift wrapping, validated parking, curbside delivery, and to check out Julia's work. 

 Learn more about Julia’s work:

XO, Mercantile