There’s something about the weekend that is just so magical. Freedom to do what you wish, time to spend with your loved ones (family or chosen family), sleeping in, leisurely meals, the space to tackle projects and generally get your life in order before the next work week.

It’s easy to get into the habit of sporting your sweats or workout gear on your days off, but it’s nice to have a simple, easy outfit that’s casual yet polished to get you through your busy days.

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Vintage inspired jeans from Re/Done, with a little extra bit of stretch, paired with a soft as pajamas striped tee by Majestic Filatures are the base of this look. But the piece de resistance is a reversible puffer from Herno in winter white and champagne with gold snaps and patch pockets. It instantly elevates your look, and pairs perfectly with your favorite sneaker, for that perfectly casual yet cool weekend look.

All three pieces can be worn time and again, no matter the season (yes, even the puffer, it is Oregon after all) but we know you’ll find yourself pulling this combo out of your closet come Saturday.