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Fashion Week

fashion month (so far)

fashion month (so far)

Milan fashion week is nearly over, with Paris around the corner, which means fashion month is winding down.  Our buyers have come and gone to market and the orders for Fall are finished.  Although it's month out, that doesn't mean we can't fantasize about what they chose and what to expect come early August.  It's really not that far away, you know. 

With all of the designers we carry, it's hard to pick out one collection as our favorite, but we can certainly pick out favorite looks within each collection and do a little trend forecasting in the meantime.

The 70's vibes will continue into fall 2016, whether it's seen in flares - cropped or otherwise - flowing, floral printed midi dresses or super exaggerated collars.  Another trend that's here to stay, probably now and forever, is men's tailoring, seen in gorgeous outerwear and luxurious wool in nearly every silhouette you can imagine. 

A newer trend that's popping up is a touch of glam, sequins, Lurex, you name it, seen especially, and surprising at Max Mara.  Classic military details - gold buttons, pea coats, trenches, epaulets and jodhpurs - have been seen in nearly every collection that walked down a runway.  And of course. it wouldn't be the fall/winter collections without some fur. Be it faux or real, accent collars or full length coats, the texture is everywhere and just screams winter, warmth and luxury.

It's fun to dream about the fall collections while the weather continues to stay cool.  But don't forget, spring is here in the store and those warm weather months are almost here!


Trend Report - NY Fashion Week

Trend Report - NY Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is over and London Fashion Week is in full swing, which means our buyers just got back from NYC, where they were shopping the Spring 2016 collections.  While the rest of us are switching our closets from Summer to Fall and wondering where September went, a lucky few are already thinking ahead to next Spring.  We're happy to see that some of our favorite Fall trends are making an extended appearance into next season. 

Leather - Leather is going to be around for a while.  We saw it cut in feminine silhouettes and paired with delicate lace details at RED Valentino as well as super luxe, yet totally sporty separates at ATM.  No matter your personal style, you'll be able to find a leather piece for spring that fits seamlessly into your wardrobe. 

Menswear -  From sleek, tailored suits to lightweight blazers paired with oversized sweatshirts, the designers were pulling from their brother's closet for inspiration.  We love that the look can be streamlined for work or more formal events à la Theory's peplum blazer and cigarette trousers or kept downtown cool with distressed denim and a cotton tee as seen at Frame.

Sporty - We're excited to see that the athleisure styles are rolling over into Spring.  There's nothing better than looking super chic while wearing joggers (in leather no less) and a beautiful, not so plain, white tee.  Although the trend leans casual, the luxury fabrications seen on the runway certainly make it translate to after 5.

Bold Colors and Graphic Prints - From neon yellow tweed at Rag & Bone to dazzlingly graphic knit dresses in a rainbow of colors at M Missoni, spring is not lacking in color.  If a midi dress in a highlighter hue isn't your thing, you will find smaller pieces, from sweaters to cross-body bags, available in a rainbow of shades to get your color fix. 


Milan Fashion Week Faves

Milan Fashion Week Faves

Paris fashion week is in full swing, therefore fashion month is nearly over.  While the editors and buyers push through the final days of a busy, exciting and exhausting month, we're taking a minute to look back at our Milan Fashion Week favorites. 

Unlike New York Fashion Week, there doesn't seem to be a clear trend running through all the collections, which makes for more interesting viewing and a more versatile closet come Fall.

Les Copains:

They got the 70's memo at Les Copains, with lots of flared wool trousers and billowy chiffon blouses.  But this collection is far from boho - with oversized jewels and luxe fabrics - it's glamorous, like 70's icon Bianca Jagger.

Max Mara:

Never one to disappoint when it comes to outerwear, this collection from Max Mara is full of luxurious and oversized wool, fur and quilted winter coats referencing Marilyn Monroe and 1950's glamour.  The theme is taken even further with cat eye glasses, beautiful wool wiggle skirts and oversized sweaters.  The tasseled loafers are both on theme and modern at the same time.

M Missoni:

Shanghai and it's bright lights and late nights was the inspiration for the latest collection from M Missoni.  As usual, it's youthful and colorful with a strong use of Missoni knits.  We can see the Asian flare through the use vibrant colors and traditional Chinese details.

Piazza Sempione:

Totally modern and totally beautiful, the Fall collection from Piazza is full of clean lines and a balance of neutral and rich colors.  The influence of the fine art world can be seen in the sleek styling and painterly prints.

Once again we're feeling inspired and invigorated by the Fall collections and we're eager to see what Victoria and Haley have in store for us here!


NY Fashion Week Faves

NY Fashion Week Faves

New York Fashion Week has come and gone and suddenly we've found ourselves jonesing for Fall fashions all over again.  While Victoria and Haley and the rest of the team are in New York making their picks for the store, we're tiding ourselves over with the runway images.  

It looks like most designers are feeling nostalgic for the 70's - whether its boho, mod, disco or preppy - it's the vibe for Fall 2015.  There's also a hint of the 90's mixed in, as seen in the grunge era layers and techy fabrics.  


Diane is going back to her Studio 54 days with this latest collection and staying true to her roots there's more than one take on the wrap dress. 

Nicole Miller: 

We have a longstanding love affair with Nicole Miller and her dresses at Mercantile.  When in doubt, a Nicole Miller dress will make you feel sexy, sophisticated and party ready.  


Sophisticated-boho is the vibe happening at Joie this season.  Lots of suede, chiffon and layered knits for a modern take on California haute-hippy.

RED Valentino:

There's a fun combination of 60's mod, 70's disco and 90's grunge happening this season at RED Valentino.  

Rag & Bone:

It's all 90's all the time at Rag & Bone.  A startling combo of baby doll slip dresses, athletic fabrics and suiting makes this collection the most unexpected of the group.

Frame Denim:

The concise collection has a touch of 70's school girl yet it feels totally new and fresh with denim silhouettes we've never really seen before.  They've also expanded the collection to include non denim items and we're especially excited about the use of suede.

It's inspiring to see what the designers envision for the upcoming seasons, thinking ahead helps us fight of the February gloom.  As for what we get in the store come august, you'll just have to wait and see!