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Designer to Know: Leslie Paige Jewelry

Designer to Know: Leslie Paige Jewelry

Leslie Paige McElroy has always been a creative type. From working as a pastry chef to launching her own jewelry line — McElroy brings passion and craftsmanship to the table no matter the project. And with our Leslie Paige Jewelry trunk show coming up this weekend, we sat down to find out just what makes this up-and-coming designer tick.

Leslie Paige McElroy

1. How did you become involved in jewelry design?

I had been a pastry chef for the majority of my career and I wanted to make a change. I wanted to create something more permanent. It would take me three days to make a wedding cake that would be eaten in a matter of minutes. I also had this idea for what I call the perched setting. I wanted something like it for myself, so after searching for weeks, I decided to have it made. As I began to wear my design, others began wanting it for themselves. This prompted me to design new variations and other items.

2. Where do you find inspiration?

Most of my designs come from my own desire to have a piece. With the perched setting I was trying to find a way to showcase the back of the stone as well as the front. I have always liked the back of stones and wanted to show how the back can be just as beautiful as the front.

Perched Setting

3. Can you describe your design process?

I usually start by sitting down with my caster and working on how to best produce a design so that it is a strong, quality and comfortable piece. Next I choose the stones. I look for stones with color or shape that make them stand out.

4. What is your favorite part of the design process?

Seeing the finished piece. I love seeing how this idea in my head comes together and how people respond to it.

Leslie Paige Jewelry

6. What is your favorite material to work with?

When you work in the culinary industry you quickly learn that if you start with the best possible ingredients then you will get the best possible finished product. I find this to be true with jewelry. I use only solid gold, natural diamonds and natural gemstones. 

7. What was it like being featured in British Vogue

It’s great getting the international exposure and hearing from people around the world who love my designs!

British Vogue

8. Goals for the future?

My goal is to grow the Leslie Paige Jewelry brand while continuing to expand on the unique statement designs. Coming soon: cuff bracelets and men’s puzzle rings.

Thank you Leslie! We can't wait to have you in store this Friday and Saturday. To check out more designs by Leslie Paige Jewelry, click here.



If All of the raindrops were diamonds...

If All of the raindrops were diamonds...

If you're lucky enough to be born in April, you know that you hit the jackpot when it comes to birthstones.  Diamonds are said to increase the wearers inner strength and also provide balance and clarity.  And, of course, we can't forget that diamonds are the ultimate symbol of eternal love.

Just because diamonds are a classic stone, filled with symbolism and meaning doesn't mean they can't be worn in a way that is youthful and interesting.  By playing with proportion, stone color and silhouette, your diamond jewelry will be fresh, not stuffy.

In honor of Diamond Month, we've chosen a few of our favorite pieces that feature the stone.

From Top Left: Kismet by Milka Geometric Triangle Ring with White Diamonds,
Maya J Thin Cuff Diamond Bangle, Sara Weinstock Evil Eye Pendant, 
Maya J Geometric Diamond Necklace,
Kismet by Milka 5 Chain Necklace with White Diamond Disk, 
Loren Stewart Gold Ring with White Diamonds, 
Kismet by Milka Mini Size Star Necklace with White Diamonds,
Loren Stewart Long Bar Earring with 4 diamonds, Sara Weinstock Bezeled Diamond Bangle

Whether or not you are born in April, it's difficult to deny that diamonds are truly special.  And really, who can resist their spectacular sparkle and romantic meaning? 


Maya J Trunk Show
April 23-26
Shop the Spring Collection and meet Maya J Rep Jaclene

Diamond Dreams

Diamond Dreams


With Valentine's Day less than a month away I think it's safe to say we all have jewelry on our minds.  At Mercantile we've been dreaming of Suzanne Kalan's Fireworks collection, with it's dazzling and creative use of hand picked baguette diamonds.


In 1988, after the birth of her daughter, Suzanne Kalan created her debut collection in Los Angeles with the goal to create modern yet timeless jewelry with a twist. She first achieved fame with her Vitrine collection, which uses transparent semi precious gem stones to showcase the diamonds set below it.  In 2014 she won "Best Diamonds" at the Couture Design Awards for a stunning cocktail ring from the Fireworks collection.

2014 Couture Design Award winner for "Best Diamond"

The offset and meticulously scattered baguette diamonds in the collection instantly increase the drama of what could be very simple pieces.


The designer - who was one of the first to pair diamonds with semi precious gem stones - has been known to compare using colorful gems to painting.  By fusing precious and innovative materials she has been able to find fresh combinations of semi precious stones, precious metals and all colors of diamonds.

Along with her Vitrine and Fireworks collection Kalan also designs One for One, a collection of select one of a kind pieces.  Her daughter, who's birth inspired the designer to switch career paths, has also joined the family business and designs the KALAN by Suzanne Kalan collection.

Suzanne Kalan (R) and her daughter Patile

We love seeing and supporting creative and successful women at Mercantile, and Suzanne Kalan and her work is especially inspiring.  

XO Mercantile