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Red, Red, Wine

Red, Red, Wine

Call it what you will - bordeaux, plum, shiraz, garnet, wine - but deep, rich burgundy red is THE color of the fall season.  Midnight blue may have given it a run for it's money, but bordeaux is the clear winner here and it's reign will definitely continue into the holidays.  

It's an easy color to incorporate into your closet and works well for both day and evening.  We've put together a bordeaux heavy look that's super bold yet still easy to wear. 

From L to R: Grisal scarf, Rag & Bone Range fedora, Vince Signature V shoulder bag, Rag & Bone Petra pullover, James Jeans Penney cord and Stutterheim Stockholm raincoat

When wearing more than one piece in this hue, keep your silhouettes clean and your accessories neutral so the color can shine.