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Contemporary Corset

Contemporary Corset

Don't be alarmed, we're not talking about an actual corset here. We are talking about corseting details that have shown up all over the runways, especially for spring 2016.

It's been seen in the form of exaggerated princess seams on dresses and jackets, lacing up the sides of fitted leather jackets and darling dresses or even loose laces down the front of a rib knit sweater.  This trend can range from super feminine to boho and then all the way to classic tomboy (yes, we said tomboy), it just depends what pieces you choose and how you style them!

From L to R: Vince tailored leather jacket, Red Valentino dress, Sara Weinstock 18k gold and oxidized silver bangles, Ashlyn'd "Cosmo" lucite clutch, Derek Lam 10 Crosby lacing detail shirt, Rag & Bone/Jean "Paz" crop flare, Rene Escobar 14k gold and oxidized silver necklace and bangles, Rag & Bone stripe poncho, Annabel Ingall "Isabella" tote

Remember you don't need to interpret trends literally, add just a touch to any outfit to make it wearable and stylish.  We'd pair the dress with some strappy sandals for an edgy evening look and stick to classic loafer with the white shirt and crop flare jeans.