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Pattern Play

Pattern Play

Pattern Play

Mixing prints and texture can seem like a daunting trend to take on, better left for the fashion editors and bloggers.  How do you mix and match your patterns without looking like your kooky neighbor?  It's really fairly simple, and we're excited to teach you how to incorporate this bold and chic look into your wardrobe. 

If you stick to a few simple rules, you'll look like the street style stars of fashion week.

1. Pick a color story, and keep the prints within the same color group.
2. Play with proportion, a large pattern can compliment a more delicate print.
3. Texture is your friend here, a solid sweater or tweed jacket with a bold texture will add just as  
    much as a graphic print.
4. Try using the same pattern in different sizes and/or inverted colors (think navy sweater with       white stripes paired with white pants with navy stripes)
5. When in doubt, throw some polka dots in the mix and always treat leopard and stripes as a

From L to R: ALC "Sadie" hobo bag, Rag & Bone "Olympia" top, Tucker pleated midi skirt, Rene Escobar Oxidized silver pendant with diamonds and assorted 18k gold, oxidized silver bangles with diamonds

Remember, fashion should be fun. and this is a great technique to play around with your closet.