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Going Green

Going Green

There's a new neutral in town, and it's not what you expected.  Green is the go-to for the fall/winter season.  It's showing up in every shade you can imagine, from deep, dark forest to pops of bright and vibrant mint.  We love all the variations, but have a soft spot for the rich, deep greens that make an easy alternative (or compliment) to black and charcoal.

From L to R: Grisal cashmere scarf, Serpui shearling bag, Rag & Bone capri suede jeans, RtA Rita silk shirt, Veronica Beard car coat, Jack Gomme tote bag, Rag & Bone Vivienne top, Frame Denim jeans, Veronica Beard military jacket with dickie.

It fun to think outside the box when it comes to neutrals, and you'll be a hit in your LGD (little green dress).