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Springtime Accessories

Springtime Accessories

Because Spring comes slowly in the Pacific Northwest, we can gradually transition our wardrobe over to warm weather wear. A quick and easy way to start to adjust your wardrobe to the - slightly - milder temps is by trading out your Winter accessories for updated Spring pieces.  It's not be sandal weather yet, although we see some of you trying, so let's focus on bags, hats and scarves.


Scarves are meant to keep the chill off, but as the thermometer rises, they become an accent piece rather than a necessity.  Use your scarf to add color and texture to an otherwise, simple and neutral outfit or use a scarf instead of a sweater or jacket.

Made in Japan by local artisans on vintage looms, Grisal scarves are a great transition piece.  Lightweight, made out of Ramie yarn, with a unique texture that feels a little like linen, cotton and silk woven together.  They are unique, casual, yet totally luxe.

Cutuli Cult scarves combine rock n' roll sensibility with natural dying techniques.  Inspired by bustling, creative and musical cities around the globe, the scarves will instantly add a touch of cool girl edge to your outfit.



It's probably pretty clear that we are totally obsessed with our Rag & Bone Floopy Rim Fedoras.  They come in nearly every color imaginable, and can take you straight from chilly Winter to breezy Summer.  It's hard to chose a favorite color, but at the moment we can't help but lean towards the lighter colors.  

When the days get seriously warmer, switch to a raffia hat from Sans Arcidet.  A family company, run by three sisters that specializes in woven hats and bags made in Madagascar.  The raffia, leather and horn are ethically sourced, directly from the farmers and tradesmen.


Rag & Bone knows how to do accessories, and their leather bags are no exception.  Made out of the softest leather, they are roomy yet lightweight and will fit all of your essentials, including your iPad.

If you prefer something lighter and smaller for the warmer months, Sans Arcidet also makes beautiful handbags.  These are timeless silhouettes that will pair easily with jeans or dresses. They are ethically sourced and made and you will love them for years.  

Don't be overwhelmed by the idea of changing your wardrobe with the seasons.  By carefully choosing what pieces to update, you can curate a wardrobe that continues to feel fresh as Spring turns into Summer.


Pint Sized Purses

Pint Sized Purses

We're pleased to say that the trend of extra-large, oversized handbags is over.  No longer do you need biceps of steel just to carry your purse.  In fact, the trend has moved in the opposite direction, and smaller is definitely better.  From cross body to travel wallets to clutches, a pint size bag is what's happening now.

We especially love the clever and whimsical clutches from Ashlyn'd.  Launched in 2013 in Los Angeles by Ashlee Nik and her designer mother, Denise Lewinstein, the collection came to fruition from what Ashlee felt was a lack of affordable options.  

Royal Flush $396

Using both her business degree and product development and design degree, Ashlee has chosen to forgo mass production for the use of local artists in Los Angeles to produce the bags by hand in order to boost the local economy as well as encourage the Made in America movement.

Honor Roll $385

Ashlee wanted something unique, unexpected, beautiful but above all attainable.  Inspired by nature and the textures found there, the collection includes bags made out of specialty woods, jade and shells.  She also created the "Snow Globe" bags that feature clear acrylic frames filled with colored sand, pearls, chains and even flowers. 

Although small, each clutch is equipped with a built in mirror and enough room for all your essentials: credit cards, ID, lipstick, keys and iPhone. 

The bags have been worn by Zooey and Emily Deschanel, Sarah Hyland, Miranda Lampbert and Portland's own Cheryl Strayed.  They have been featured in the pages of Domino, Seventeen, and most recently the Feburary issue of Glamour.

The collection is meant to be worn day or night.  Don't be discouraged by the shimmer, a sparkly handbag is a quick way to spruce up a simple button down shirt, jeans and ballet flats. Your arms will thank you.